Chose from ay or all of these prompts, either as a freewrite prompt or take it and run! -You are the first flower to bud. What would you tell your friends. yet to germinate? -Your mother’s garden like? Start at the front door and detail every little thing? Get further away. Turn attention inwards. Are […]

Writing Prompt: Sensory Imagery

forest leaf with rain dew droplets on it

We often find it easy to access imagery when our primary sense is sight, but I invite you to utilise all of your other senses to build a more immersive, and therefore convincing scene when you build a poem. When we do freewrites, we often do them in response to written stimuli, but try taking […]

Prompt: List Poem

Green leaves piled on top of one another and spread horizontally across the frame

List poems are fun because they help the reader process the world in a familiar format. The repetition can really drive home a point, build up detail, lull the reader into a sense of rhythm, and then often in the end line, hits with a twist or a dramatic change in the tone of mood […]

Prompt: “Air”

Long green grass blows bending to the side

You might want to approach these as freewrite exercise, setting a 3-minute timer on your phone and exploring wherever internal monologue takes you, or you might take the prompts literally and focus a poem on each topic. -Your favourite song growing up -Wind-chimes on a porch -The wind is blowing leaves off of a tree […]

Prompt: Perception

grass grows around a mirror, daisies are reflected in its surface

We can tell various different stories through various items. The objects we gather around us in our domestic environment often tells a story about who we are as individuals. Think about the personification of these objects, and what they would say as they observe their owner, as though from a strangely intimate yet aloof positioning […]