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Prompt: List Poem

Green leaves piled on top of one another and spread horizontally across the frame

List poems are fun because they help the reader process the world in a familiar format. The repetition can really drive home a point, build up detail, lull the reader into a sense of rhythm, and then often in the end line, hits with a twist or a dramatic change in the tone of mood (called a Volta.)

“You don’t know (x) as I know it (x= Sadness? Loneliness?)

Things you are grateful for in a very monotonous setting (Eg, washing up; grateful for the rough side of the sponge. Make details very small and appeal to the senses)

Things they don’t tell you as a kid

How you know when you’re back in ur home town after a long car journey

How you know winter is around the corner

Things that get on your nerves

What are your favourite list poems? Feel free to drop a comment below and share your own!