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Prompt: “Air”

Long green grass blows bending to the side

You might want to approach these as freewrite exercise, setting a 3-minute timer on your phone and exploring wherever internal monologue takes you, or you might take the prompts literally and focus a poem on each topic.

-Your favourite song growing up

-Wind-chimes on a porch

-The wind is blowing leaves off of a tree

-You are driving in a car, the air is whipping your hair

-Inhale to attract, exhale to let go

-A plant oxygenates the water of the pond it grows in

-Bubbles breaking the surface of a glass of lemonade

-The absence of air; space and vacuum

-Losing your breath/unable to catch your breath

If you feel inspired by these prompts, please consider submitting to our anthology by 31st October!