Fawn Press visits the ‘Red Carpet Writers’

It was an absolute pleasure to speak to the ‘Red Carpet Writers’ of Barton Marina on Tuesday 10th May. I gave a short talk on the process of publishing, and we discussed submission windows, self-publishing, and how we know when a poem is ‘finished’. I think that it’s important for publishers to think about how […]

Fawn Press Submissions window: FAQs

Starting from June, Fawn Press will be open to submissions of pamphlets of poetry, and will be selecting its Autumn/winter 2022 poets. You can find the full list of submissions guidelines here, but I will be answering some queries that may arise about this window. 1.Submission fees. This is always going to be a hotly […]

Reflect and Return; mid month NAPOWRIMO mental health check in

It’s half way through NAPOWRIMO! We have been blown away by the amount of people getting involved on this journey. Its lovely to be in a sphere of poets sharing their creativity. Each post you share becomes a beacon of inspiration for others, so a massive thankyou to you all. Every person that has posted, […]

Preparing for Napowrimo: A brief guide on how to tackle the writing challenge

What is Napowrimo? Created by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month (Napowrimo) is the largest literary celebration in the world. To celebrate this month-long holiday, we offer to you a series of daily writing prompts to inspire your creative endeavours. If you choose to take this journey with us, we want […]

Fawn Press At Lichfield Literature Festival

Sunday 27th March saw Fawn Press appear at Lichfield Festival, which took place from 24-27March. The line up varied from novelists to poets, as Lichfield Literature Festival welcomed one of the UK’s leading Historians Simon Thurley, mortician Carla Valentineshort story author Vaseem Khan, and novelists Alison Weir and Nikki May. Among this amazing line up, […]

5 reasons why hiring an editor is essential for self-publishing poets

Poets create mesmerising worlds, embed meaningful themes and exude powerful messages through their work. The impact of a particular line can be embossed into the readers psyche, treasured forever as a personal mantra. This magik tool used throughout the ages, capable of opening up new realms of perception, new ways of seeing the world and […]

Fawn Press edits new release from children’s author ‘Pep’ The Poet

David Anderson, or more commonly known as Pep the Poet has a forthcoming new collection of children’s poems ‘Tina the ROCKHARD Robin’ fluttering onto his website. It is available for purchase on the 1st of June 2022. We were delighted to work with him in an Editing role to ensure it was polished for publication. […]


Chose from ay or all of these prompts, either as a freewrite prompt or take it and run! -You are the first flower to bud. What would you tell your friends. yet to germinate? -Your mother’s garden like? Start at the front door and detail every little thing? Get further away. Turn attention inwards. Are […]

Brief hiatus

Whilst we have been on haitus, I owe you all an explanation! On 3rd feb I fell into A and E with some serious symptoms: I couldn’t walk, talk, or swallow! After an extended stay at hospital I was diagnosed with MS, and had to learn everything all over again. After some intensive speech therapy […]

A Couplet of Poets

This week we will be announcing our Pamphlet Series Poets, the poets who we have signed to publish this Spring! I have been thinking for a while how to introduce this series, as there are many different indie publishers whom I respect, who all have differing approaches. Some release an entire wave of poets per […]