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How thinking like a Poet can boost your SEO

If you have an online presence of any kind and you want people to be able to find your business and your content, you need to get to grips with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is the process of optimising websites so that they rank well on search engines through organic (non paid) searches. Read more about the basics here. But how you can learn from the poetic practices to boost your SEO?

What’s poetry got to do with it?

Poets are always searching for the right word. Does the word scan? Does it fit the line length? What are the connotations of the word outside the context of the poem? Is it repeated too often? You can apply these same questions to writing online content, especially if you take SEO into consideration.

The craft of writing poetry requires a firm grasp of literary tools, as well as a vivid imagination. Before you approach a subject, a poet will already be thinking of ways to express themselves in a unique and appealing way. In this, they are similar

The thesaurus is the poet’s best friend and if you’re writing online content it’s yours, too. Whether you’re struggling to find the right word, or you find yourself repeating the same word over and over, consult the thesaurus for a multitude of different ways to express the meaning. 

A writer from a creative background will think more intuitively and have a more colourful vocabulary. Having an artist on your sales and marketing team can boost the effectiveness of your campaigns. Whether you are writing for a blog article, product packaging, or for website copy,

Keep your reader’s interest & appeal to Google

SEO hinges on keywords, but you also need to keep your reader engaged, so you’ll want to avoid repeating the same word time and again. This is where having a wide vocabulary really helps.

Using a vast variety of words means you can hit that keyword density target while keeping the content interesting for your reader.  Google will also recognise the related words surrounding the keyword that you’re optimising for, so writing creatively about a subject will increase your ranking.

Expand your vocabulary

So if you want to expand your own vocabulary, where do you start? Ask any writer worth their salt on how to become a better writer and the answer will be the same: ‘Read, read and read. Then read some more.’ Reading widely and regularly will naturally build your vocabulary. You’ll discover new ways of expressing ideas and learn new words that describe familiar concepts. Words you’ve never seen before will come up and you’ll need to get the dictionary out. This will all add to your personal lexicon, and when it comes to writing, you’ll be able to dig out alternative words from the corners of your brain to create quality original content around your keywords, which will also boost your SEO. 

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