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We Asked The Public” What Makes A Poem Dazzle?”

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We opened up our social media platforms across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to invite our followers and fellow members of the writing community to chat to us about what makes a poem dazzle for them particularly!

By asking multiple spheres of the community what it is that makes them tick, we got some great responses from varied viewpoints that we wanted to share with you!

Swim Press is a lit mag that operates both in print and online, and they bring up a great point. Sometimes if poems are quite on-the-nose about a topic, it removes the element of surprise or individuality. Thinking outside of the box and coming at a topic from a creative angle can be a good way to leave a great impression.

Another wonderful lit mag, Second Chance Lit suggests that a unique juxtaposition within a poem can help it to stand out. Think; Fiona Benson’s “Mama cockroach, I love you” poem, where the repulsive imagery contrasts with the nurturing and sweet theme of motherhood. Contrasting language can help a writer explore the extremes between each image they are presenting.

@ georgieb.png raises a really emotive point about a poem coming to life. A poem indeed is its own little universe, a contained snow globe of a reality which exists all on its own, independent to the rest of the world. I think if a poem is so alive it becomes its own space of existence, then I know it is complete.

@ J_P_lovecraft certainly hits the nail on the head with this comment. Poems should, I believe, have a certain lack of musicality to them. They rock you along to the ending. However, as ever in poetry, the opposite can also be true; I enjoy poetry that is abrupt and destroys any sense of expectation by breaking lines in unusual ways. Either practice, when done well, can have an effective result.

Like Roi Fainéant Press says, a witty poem can make a lasting impression. Poems do so much work when they make clever comparisons to illuminate a new understanding or offer a new analysis of an otherwise universal experience.

Do you agree with these tips? Perhaps you passionately disagree with some of the comments in this blog? Feel free to drop a comment below and let us know what you think! As ever, if you feel inspired to write a poem, please consider SUBMITTING to us!