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Submissions Tips: “Elements, The Natural & Supernatural” Anthology.

a deer hoof-print in mud

First of all, thank you so much for considering being a part of our first ever anthology, as Fawn Press makes its debut into the world! We are very grateful to all our submitters, readers, supporters and to you for reading this, because it means you care about your submission!

The top tip anyone could ever give a writer looking to submit to anything would be to follow the submission guidelines. It not only alleviates the pressure and workload for our Editors to smooth out any formatting bugs, but it’s also a courtesy.

Sending in a photograph of your poem, or other un-editable version of your work, would demand a lot of time in retyping, so we would ask that you kindly check out the format we’re asking for before submitting. Things like page breaks and numbering may seem pedantic but they help us organise your poems properly.

We would LOVE to see imaginative, experimental and bold poetry. We’d be excited to see poems that play with the white space on the page, poems that flirt with the reader by structuring themselves in an unusual or insightful way,  and poems that make us see things in a whole new light.

Remember, the poet lives within the body. Don’t just show us what happened, invite us into the scene by appealing to our senses (both bodily and spiritually!) Our aim is to create an anthology of poems that transports us through the textures and sensations of the universe, and which tells the story of the world through the melody of all its parts.

DO also think about how you interpret the theme. How is your response unique? Is it relevant?

Perhaps you might want to get feedback and workshop your poem with others before deciding to submit it anywhere – you will certainly want to proofread and edit it. Returning to a poem with fresh eyes will offer valuable time for reflection.

Also, know this: your story matters. Your retelling, reclaiming, honouring and taking up space is important, and we are grateful that you chose Fawn Press as the home for your poems.

(Work that displays the slightest whiff of racism, sexism, homophobia, or bigoted language will be immediately discarded.)

We look forward to reading your work, and we wish the best of luck to every poet who submits to us!


Fawn Press Team. x