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'Imprint' by Kathryn Millington


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In this stunning pamphlet of quietly moving and poignant poems, Kathryn Millington guides her reader through the grief that comes as a result of involuntary childlessness, an issue which can affect up to 1 in 5 women.

“You will know someone like me. We are everywhere: at your workplace, within your family, subsumed in your friendship groups. It’s such a lonely place. I want to inhabit that place and be that voice, to show that we can create.”


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“It is rare to find a collection that is brave enough to place the complexities of IVF and the strange world of grief that the infertile inhabit in such direct light. Kate Millington’s collection Imprint does just that. This is a story of confrontation and acceptance, a journey into a world that feels niche, but is anything but. The poetry world benefits from sharing experience, it will be enriched by this collection.”

Wendy Pratt

‘”Kate’s poems move me, make me laugh, make me reflect on this strange business we call life and feel more hopeful about navigating a path through it. These are tender, beautifully-crafted poems that work on the page and in the air. Read them, keep them with you.’

Helen Mort

‘”Kathryn Millington’s Imprint is a gutting account of involuntary childlessness. Adeptly bending rhyme and form, Millington conjures yearning visions of the future alongside memories that ache and sing with loss. In this compelling debut pamphlet, grief is bound in the strings of “a mobile, shot through with sunlight” and hope is a stinging barb that pierces the reader again and again.”

Chris Lanyon

“I am at a loss for words, because you have said them all”

Benjamin Zephaniah


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