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Introducing, The Thicket: A Fawn Press Magazine

The thicket, a Fawn Press magazine.

I have had so much fun publishing poems over the past year and a half, that I have been thinking of ways to try and represent more poets, give back to the community, and help more poets get their work read.

This is how The Thicket was born.

As Fawn Press continues to print pamphlets and anthologies, alongside this it will be producing a free-to-read bi-monthly digital magazine hosted on our website, whereby poems will be shared, along with the bios and handles of Poets linking through to their social media pages, websites and books (if they have them.) I hope to build a platform and help amplify the voices of talented writers as they build a writing portfolio.

Entries are available to purchase from the shop, and the first issue will be out March 2023 2023.

This first issue will be on the theme of ‘NEW BEGINNINGS.’ – This could be literal, metaphorical, or inspired by nature and life events. The theme is open to interpretation, and we welcome and indeed encourage thinking outside the box!

Submission guidelines

-Poems must be typed in one single document and emailed over. If you have accompanying videos or recordings of your poem, we would love to see these so encourage you to send these as well! However please send also the word doc of the poem in addition to the video/recording.

-The document should include your name.

-The subject of the Email should be ‘The thicket’.

Once you have purchased an entry, please include the purchase number of your entry. (If you are a low-income household or otherwise encounter any other issues which prevent you from purchasing an entry then state this in your email and no questions will be asked.)

-3 poems per entry purchase. Maximum of 3 entry purchases per poet.

-Within the Email please include your name, poet biography, and any social media handles, or website links you would like shared, to info@fawnpress.co.uk

-Submissions close Monday 13th Feb.

The cost of submissions will cover the cost of reading and editing by the Fawn Press team.

We are unable to reply to every submission on the success of each entry. Selected poets will be emailed in February, and the magazine will be published in early March.