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Fawn Press edits new release from children’s author ‘Pep’ The Poet

David Anderson, or more commonly known as Pep the Poet has a forthcoming new collection of children’s poems ‘Tina the ROCKHARD Robin’ fluttering onto his website. It is available for purchase on the 1st of June 2022. We were delighted to work with him in an Editing role to ensure it was polished for publication. David is quoted saying, “Once Scarlett receives your writing, she then weaves her magic, backed up with a keen eye and a great command of the English language.” Fawn press editor Scarlett ward-Bennet copy read, grammar checked and proofread the manuscript, providing suitable corrections.

Aptly named in regard to the jovial spirit infused into his writing, Pep is a four-time self-published poet. His roots run deeply in his craft, having many wordsmiths scattered through generations in his family.

David is very open about his history with mental illness, sharing snippets of his experience through social media that carry an important message of awareness. This makes his children’s books all the more special in that they are proof a person’s hardship does not hinder their ability to connect with the fruitful inner world of imagination. His children’s books are cheeky, funny and silly (in the best way), and have the reassuring warmth of an especially well-made cup of tea.

Often, poets or creators of any sort can tap into some sense of an inner child through their creations. Playful exploration and creativity go hand in hand! Channelling the freeing, childlike expression of making art, especially SILLY art is a wonderful skill innate to all of us. The hurdle being, that this skill is often temporarily blocked off by the adult world of self-judgement, self-limiting beliefs, and over thinking. David is in tune with this whimsy and is able to hone it in to create charming poetry- an achievement made all the more impressive knowing that he was able to transcend these self-limiting “adult ego” beliefs to make his work. The silliness of this work coexists nicely with his sophisticated use of poetic tools, especially his effective usage of rhyme and rhythm. Even in poetry aimed to children, there is a subtle voice of underlying wisdom gained from a life lived, yet the humility of knowing there are more unknown lessons yet to come. This amalgamation creates his signature style.

David kindly reviews his experience of our editing services, saying that they “give me the freedom and brain capacity to be focused solely within the creativity of writing.” Fawn Press editing services will precisely indicate errors, relieving the poet of the tedious painstaking task of assuring perfect accuracy within their work. “All the worry and anxiety of incorrect spellings and grammar is dealt with swiftly sensitively and professionally” David says. Fawn press editing prides itself on giving poets peace of mind, facilitating a furtherment of their creative potential without the hinderance of stressful proofreading!

Big thanks to Pep for utilizing our services and leaving a glowing review!