Q&A with new pamphlet poet Leah Atherton

Salomée Lou sits down with upcoming Fawn Press pamphlet poet Leah Atherton, to talk about witches, nature as a tool for healing, queerness, and of course, her upcoming poetry pamphlet, Mycelium, which you can preorder here. How would you describe Mycelium if you had to describe it in 5 words? How would you talk about […]

5 tips to make your submission stand out

We sit down with Salomée Lou to discuss 5 things that can make your submission stand out. Submitting your writing can be a daunting thing to do, especially poetry. Poetry is such a personal art form, we poets love to pour our souls into it. With a high volume of submission and small teams behind […]

Fawn Press focus group findings

One core value dear to our hearts at Fawn Press is working towards accessibility for writers and poets from all backgrounds, and with the aim of achieving this, we hosted a focus group in partnership with the incredible Rebecca Swift Foundation. This enterprise has been working hard since 2018 to enable women and non-binary writers […]

Submissions Team

Meet our Fawn Press submissions team, Lexia Tomlison and Salomée Lou, who will be playing a crucial role in combining efforts with Scarlett Ward to select and edit the poems that will be selected for the development programme, publication, and for publication in the thicket magazine. •Lexia Tomlison, poet and editor at Fawn Press, shared […]

Fawn Press development programme 2024

We are delighted to announce that Fawn Press has been successful in receiving Arts Council Lottery funding to enable us to launch the first Fawn Press Development Programme. The development programme will offer 5 weeks of poetry editing sessions and development programming lead by founder Scarlett Ward which aim to hone writing skills and encourage […]

Q&A with 2024 Spring pamphlet poet Christiana Jasutan.

We sit down with upcoming Fawn Press pamphlet poet Christiana Jasutan, to talk about tiny Ghibli models, hearty hot pots, and of course, her upcoming poetry pamphlet. If your pamphlet was a type of food/ a colour/ an animal/ a season, what would it be? Really loving this question! This pamphlet has to be a […]

The Thicket 2024 Spring issue.

I am delighed to announce that The Thicket is relaunching with its second issue on the theme of ‘Wintering‘, with submissions opening 1st December 2023 and closing 1st January 2024. The magazine will continue to showcase the best of written poetry, and will be free to read on our website. The theme for this issue […]

Book review: Nabeela Saghir’s ‘Let Me Make You Something To Eat.’

“Nabeela Saghir titled her pamphlet ‘Let me make you something to eat‘ and I doubt she could have found a more perfect title. There is an urge to read the poems aloud, to feel how the words roll around your mouth and taste on your tongue. The shadows that lurk beneath the collection’s honeyed glaze […]

Devjani Bodepudi wins ‘Best Pamphlet’ Award

We are incredibly excited to celebrate the huge achievement of Devjani Bodepudi in winning the award for ‘Best Pamphlet’ at the Saboteur Awards! Her pamphlet ‘For the daughters carried here on the hips of their mothers’ is a stunning debut from an incredible writer and we are so proud to celebrate alongside Devjani. It has […]

Introducing, The Thicket: A Fawn Press Magazine

The thicket, a Fawn Press magazine.

I have had so much fun publishing poems over the past year and a half, that I have been thinking of ways to try and represent more poets, give back to the community, and help more poets get their work read. This is how The Thicket was born. As Fawn Press continues to print pamphlets […]