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Brief hiatus

Whilst we have been on haitus, I owe you all an explanation!

On 3rd feb I fell into A and E with some serious symptoms: I couldn’t walk, talk, or swallow! After an extended stay at hospital I was diagnosed with MS, and had to learn everything all over again. After some intensive speech therapy and physiotherapy I’m now back from hospital, but on bed rest. Unfortunately we missed Wolvo lit fest and Verve fest, but hopefully many more dates up coming!

In the meantime I’m slowly working on some art work so as not to delay the pamphlets, and getting everything ready for lichfield FestMarch 27! Also catch us at the National Teen conference panel 26th 1-4pm as hosted by Writing West Midlands. Get your tickets here https://www.sparkwriters.org/national-teen-writers-conference-2022/?fbclid=IwAR1R5z2BlFFvb7jS0FLPdcUpHgKTnQrLfKdfDx7lu5A9w4B2_f6_Gxgvw8k

All steam ahead into March!

–Scarlett xxx