fawn press logo is the cream silhouette of a fawn against a dark green background

The home of wordsmithery: publishing, copywriting, editing & more


Fawn Press aims to publish beautiful books of exceptional poetry, as we believe that poetry has the power to change lives through that transcendental connection between writer and reader. Storytelling lies at the very soul of our experience as human beings, connecting us since the dawn of time. We hope to be a platform that welcomes all writers, rejecting elitist and pompous attitudes to publishing in favour of an inclusive approach, whilst maintaining a high quality of exceptional writing that excites and inspires.

“Poetry that takes you by the hand and leads you into the woods”

Fawn Press emerged from a passionate love of books and literature, as well as the recognition that the world needs more representation of new and under-represented poets. It was born from the knot of the Midlands; Staffordshire. We hope to work closely with our Writers to become a home to high-quality publications, as we believe that the integral element sitting at the core of poetry, is the melody that sings to the reader.

Social Consciousness.

We are dedicated to the continual growth, education, and application of diversity, anti racism, anti sexism, anti ableism and anti homophobia within our press and across the works we publish, by prioritising, offering mentorship/internship and work opportunity to, and promoting the voices of people of colour, LGBQT+ community, disabled people, women, working class and other marginalised groups. We’re not here to tick boxes or to display performative allyship, we are committed to industry-lead action so we can build an organisation that treats everyone fairly, with respect, and which represents the rich diversity and inclusivity of the UK. Fawn Press will aim to create events accessible for all, with online accessibility, wheel-chair accessible venues and sign language interpreters at all live events. In the near future we also hope to host educational seminars, and work experience and internships. Poetry should be accessible for everyone, we are dedicated to help make that happen.